Joelle's FrenchBistro   

                                                                                             4423 State Street Road

                                                                                             Skaneateles N.Y. 13152


                                                                    Tel:    315-685-3063                                                                                                                  


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Welcome to Joelle's French Bistro and Enjoy..


Please Note.


Due the Size of our Restaurant. There will be a $10.00 deposit per person, on tables 6 and over 

 if the Cancellations are done on the same day 

or if there is a No Show.


Thanks you for you Cooperation..







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Joelle’s,  Aloha

is known for innovative recipes

that blend exotic herbs and spices with traditional and local ingredients

to create exceptionally delicious dishes that tempt both the palate and the eye.

 “New directions,” blending classic European cooking techniques with unique influences from Asia and the 





    Please call Joelle's Restaurant for Reservations, 


"Especially during the Winter Months," 

Since Joelle's may close some of the day's...

Thank you... 



 Cooking Classes and Wine Pairing.

Moroccan Party




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Joelle's Cook Off the Iron Chef of the Baltimore Woods ... Enjoy..

























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